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“Sustainable Life on the Land:  the future of the Garifuna and Indigenous Peoples is not Mass Migration.”

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AMI Delegation to Honduras: Climate Change, Community Agro-Forestry & Land Rights Brigade: October 17-25, 2014

Why? Timely Solidarity with OFRANEH (National Fraternal Black Org of Honduras) and the Garifuna people defending their ancestral homelands and livelihoods.  Education and practice with agro-forestry as coastal mitigation strategy in the face of climate change. What? ... read more

Why We March: We Will No Longer Be Invisible
by James Wells

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Why We March: We Will No Longer Be Invisible

The biggest injury dealt by the climate deniers may not be the snowstorm of deceit on specific issues, or even the Machiavellian maneuvers to confound effective government action on climate. On reflection, we may find that the most catastrophic success of the... read more

US Farm Policy as a whole undermines local, community-based agriculture everywhere!”

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US Farm Bill 2014: Global and Local Impacts on People on the Margins

Scroll down to read what Ben Burkett, President of the National Family Farm Coalition says about the Farm Bill… Analysis by Agricultural Missions, Inc (AMI) www.agriculturalmissions.org Who are People on the Margins in terms of agriculture and food?   Small and...

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